A Year-End Thank You to All Our 2020 Clients

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Many businesses are set to wrap up a busy – albeit unusual – Q4, as fleets of trucks deliver gifts and other seasonal supplies to consumers across North America. And we are all adjusting the rear-view mirror on a year that was by no means conventional. Further uncertainty may lie ahead, but for now, we are focused on the positive aspects of the holiday season.

As we come to the end of another year, we here at WiseCap are reminded of how lucky we are to be a part of so many of your businesses. As business financing experts with decades of combined experience, we feel privileged to partake in empowering businesses. And, so, as we all prepare to open a new 2021 calendar, we wanted to reflect on the year behind us – and thank those who partnered with us. 

In this article, we are taking a quick survey of 2020, with gratitude to our new and long-time clients, and looking forward to 2021. If your business is preparing its 2021 financial New Year’s Resolutions, we want to continue to help. If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that WiseCap and your business make a great team. 

2020: An Unconventional Year

To say that 2020 was unconventional would be an understatement. For many companies, it has been an unprecedented challenge. In our previous blog post, we touched on the challenges faced by the trucking industry, citing an already slow start to the year, coupled with COVID-related restrictions and a dip in consumer spending. But those issues aren’t exclusive to trucking; we are seeing the ripple effects across industries. 

Many industries with which we work closely – food services, spas, and construction, to name a few – faced difficulties. And while the road to rebuilding may be long and the prospect uncertain, we are dedicated to working on behalf of businesses that require turnkey financing solutions. Not just to survive – but to prosper and grow as well.

Thank You to All Our Clients

Because we understand that 2020 was an unconventional and difficult year, we want to formally thank all of our clients for continuing to trust us with your financial needs. 

WiseCap is the result of the dedication and hard work of our founder, Vishaw Chahal, a lawyer from India who worked his way from the ground up in Canada. Chahal, like all of us at WiseCap, knows what it’s like to face the odds and continue working toward a more successful financial future. 

Like you, we are business owners and entrepreneurs with experience in a range of industries – trucking, marketing, accounting, law, and more. So we are grateful to be able to use our expertise and know-how to help demystify financing and help other business owners and entrepreneurs thrive. You can learn more about us and our experience in business financing solutions by visiting our website or clicking the link above. 

Looking Forward to 2021

As we outlined in our previous post, forecasters are predicting growth in 2021 across several industries, in what the International Monetary Fund is calling a long, uneven ascent. That may not sound abundantly confident, but it is cause for hope. In the article, they project a 3.9% Real GDP increase in advanced economies, with a specific 5.2% growth in Canada. According to the Government of Canada, that still puts Canada at a forecasted average Nominal GDP growth of 0.8% over the last three years. Although things aren’t looking as “up” as we expected this time last year, they are still on the rebound. 

All of this is to say: we were grateful to weather the storm with you in 2020, and we will be grateful to help you through the prosperous times ahead too.  

For Your New Year’s Business Resolutions, Contact WiseCap

Whatever your financial New Year’s Resolutions are, WiseCap is here to help. If you plan on expanding your truck fleet in 2021, contact WiseCap about our truck financing services, including truck loans for commercial companies. 

If you are interested in growing your business or ameliorating cash flow in 2021, look into our equipment financing options, including refinancing to get money from your current assets. Whatever your goals are this New Year, WiseCap can help you achieve them. 

To summarize, we are grateful for all of our clients’ continued trust throughout 2020. And as we look ahead to growth and prosperity in the coming years, we want to keep helping you with your financing needs. From all of us here at WiseCap, happy holidays!