Client Financing

WiseCap is all you need to be able to offer your clients financing for the products you are selling, whether it be commercial or consumer goods. We can seamlessly obtain financing for your clients through our dealer portal or by submitting an application via email.

We provide full service, including portal training, lease option training, credit review, over 40 lenders for all levels of credit profiles and asset types and ages, audit services, funding services and customer service follow ups. Think of WiseCap as the financing partner for your business. You do the selling and we do the financing – you make money on both!

Work With WiseCap

Customized service that works for you and your customers. Let us take care of the financing so you can focus on the sale.
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Vendor Levels of Service

Level 1 – We do the financing and you do the sales – full service financing arm
Level 2 – Selling older assets, secondary credit, and harder to place deals? Keep your primary lender(s) and let us tackle the deals that take a bit more time to find a financing home.
Level 3 – Referrals – simply want to get your client financing. Send over their contact details and we take it from there, thanking you for any funded deals.
Level 4 – Floor plan financing – as a Vendor, you might need your own financing. Ask us about financing your floor plan.

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