How Financing Experts Can Help You Run a Healthy Clinic

If you own – or hope to own – a medical clinic, dental clinic or vet, you have one main objective in mind: keeping your patients healthy and happy. That may mean offering the latest in medical technology or dental equipment. It may mean setting up a welcoming environment for your furry clientele. Or it may simply mean operating your business with a healthy cash flow to ensure that you’re able to continue doing the best job possible.

In any case, keeping your clients healthy requires you to keep your finances healthy too. As demographics shift, healthcare is becoming an even more important sector for many. At the same time, however, the breakneck pace of technological advancements in medicine can leave some clinics scrambling to keep up.

Whether you’re planning on opening up a new clinic, or you simply want to operate your existing facility at its peak potential, the business financing experts at WiseCap can help. In this post, we’re exploring the many ways we can offer financing for your business. From setting up your clinic to updating equipment, help with softs costs, and accounts receivable financing, here are a few ways WiseCap can help diagnose – and cure – your medical business.

Help with Clinic Setup

Setting up any business is challenging. The process takes patience, know-how and a lot of cash. It can be doubly difficult for medical, dental and veterinary clinics that require costly equipment, hospitable environments, and cutting-edge IT. That’s where WiseCap can make a difference.

Our team is composed of business owners and professionals just like yourself. And like you, we want to help people. That’s why we take a consultative approach with our clients. We start by understanding your business’ strategic financial needs – its budget, business model, use of equipment, and how different equipment affects your business. In short, we don’t just offer a one-size-fits-all financing solution. We carefully tailor our recommendations to your unique clinic.

Do you need equipment financing to get off the ground? We’ll help with that (more on that below). Do you require a loan or line of credit, but can’t seem to get one through the bank? We’ve got your back. Whatever you need to make your dream clinic a reality, our experts will work tirelessly to help you secure it.

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Modernizing Your Clinic with State-of-the-Art Equipment

As mentioned, medical technology moves at a breakneck pace. Virtual reality devices for diagnoses, 3D printing for prosthetics, 5G-connected medical devices, robotics, nanomedicine, and cloud computing – these used to be the realm of science fiction, but are now becoming mainstream.

Modernizing your clinic allows you to be more accessible, connected and convenient. But it comes at a cost. Keeping pace with medical advancements requires you to continually reinvest in equipment. To stay state-of-the-art, contact WiseCap about equipment leasing. We can find you flexible, predictable leases that allow you to get the equipment you need without throttling cash flow.

Find out what access to equipment can do for your business by visiting our website. When you’re ready to talk financing, one of our experts will be happy to assist you.

Aid with Incidental, Unplanned Expenses and “Soft Costs”

Wouldn’t it be great to take care of operational costs and incidental, unplanned expenses without dipping into savings? With customized liquidity solutions, you can manage whatever costs come your way without losing stride.

Just like a healthy, fulfilling diet keeps a body moving well, money makes a business run smoothly. It’s natural to be strapped for cash sometimes, but you should never let liquidity issues come in the way of offering your patients top-level care. Chat with us about the various business loans and leases we offer. Together, we can figure out a plan that works for you.

Accounts Receivable Financing for Clinic Contracts

Per the Investopedia definition, receivables financing is an agreement involving “Capital principal in relation to a company’s accounts receivables.” Put in even simpler terms, it’s a way to ensure that slow payments from customers don’t hinder your business. You can access a high percentage of the invoice amount without having to wait for late payers.

Contact WiseCap to learn more about our Accounts Receivable Factoring – a financial service that can help you unlock the potential cash flow stuck in overdue accounts. Or, visit the “Accounts Receivable Factoring” page of our website and read through the FAQs.

Whether you’re getting started, modernizing an existing clinic, looking for liquidity solutions or freeing cash flow from overdue accounts, the financing experts here at WiseCap have a solution for you. With money no longer a pressing issue, you can refocus your attention on what matters: keeping people (or pets) healthy and safe.